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2 x 44 Drive Link Chains for Black&Decker saws with 30cm bar

 € 31,35 (21% VAT excl.)
€ 37,94
(21% VAT incl.) 

ALM Chainsaw Chain for 30cm (12") Bar

Check that the type / shape of the chain is the same as the image:

3/8 inch  Low profile (L/P) 0.050 inch 1.3mm guidebar slot

If your chain does not match this shape, look at the other chainsaw chain shapes and choose the right chain from our "Choose the right chain guide" in the Chainsaw Chains category.

Product code: 52174BDK

This chainsaw chain for 30cm (12") bar is suitable for use in the following machines.

Find your machine in the list below to ensure that this is a suitable part for your machine.

Model / Distributor
Machine Products
CS30 with 30cm (12") bar
CS35 with 30cm (12") bar
DN400 with 30cm (12") bar
DN401 with 30cm (12") bar
DN402 with 30cm (12") bar
DN404 with 30cm (12") bar
DN412 with 30cm (12") bar
DN416 with 30cm (12") bar
GK1430 with 30cm (12") bar
GK1440 with 30cm (12") bar
GK1630 with 30cm (12") bar
GK1630T with 30cm (12") bar
GK1630TK with 30cm (12") bar
GK1630XC with 30cm (12") bar
GK1635 with 30cm (12") bar
GK1635T with 30cm (12") bar
GK1640 with 30cm (12") bar
GK1640T with 30cm (12") bar
GK30 with 30cm (12") bar
GK300 with 30cm (12") bar
GK303 with 30cm (12") bar
GK310 with 30cm (12") bar
GK320 with 30cm (12") bar
GK321 with 30cm (12") bar
GK322 with 30cm (12") bar
GK330 with 30cm (12") bar
GK35 with 30cm (12") bar
GK425 with 30cm (12") bar
GK430 with 30cm (12") bar
GK435 with 30cm (12") bar
GK440 with 30cm (12") bar
GK535 with 30cm (12") bar
GK540 with 30cm (12") bar
GKPK143 with 30cm (12") bar

The list contains the brand / distributor and models of the machines, (in alphabetical order) that we are aware of, that this product is likely to be suitable for. If your machine is not in the list, it could be that this part is suitable, but that we have no records of suitability. Please search our other products to see if we stock a suitable part, or let us know that you think this is suitable.

This compares to parts with the following references:

Black & Decker: A6154
Reference: CH044x2

Manufacturers & distributors names and numbers are used for reference purposes only.
This product is not associated with the initial manufacturers parts.

2 x 44 Drive Link Chains for Black&Decker saws with 30cm bar

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