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Spark plug - RCJ7Y (L7T)

 € 4,92 (21% VAT excl.)
€ 5,95
(21% VAT incl.) 


Spark plug - RCJ7Y (L7T)

  Product code: GMBE-RCJ7Y

This part is suitable for use in the following machines.
Find your machine in the list below to make sure it is a suitable part for your machine.

ChallengePCS38Z with 40cm (16") bar
Challenge XtremeCDB26
EinhellFBS 43 A1
EinhellGC-PC1235i with 35cm (14") bar
EinhellGH-BC 25 AS
EinhellGH-BC 30 AS
EinhellGH-BC 43AS
EinhellGH-PT 2538 AS
FlorabestFBS 43 A1
FlorabestFBS43 B2
Husqvarna136 with 30cm (12") bar
Husqvarna136 with 35cm (14") bar
Husqvarna136 with 40cm (16") bar
Husqvarna136 with 45cm (18") bar
Husqvarna137 e-series with 40cm (16") bar
Husqvarna137 with 30cm (12") bar
Husqvarna137 with 40cm (16") bar
Husqvarna141 with 30cm (12") bar
Husqvarna141 with 35cm (14") bar
Husqvarna141 with 40cm (16") bar
Husqvarna141 with 45cm (18") bar
Husqvarna142 e-series with 40cm (16") bar
Husqvarna142 with 30cm (12") bar
Husqvarna142 with 40cm (16") bar
Husqvarna36 with 30cm (12") bar
Husqvarna36 with 40cm (16") bar
Husqvarna36 with 45cm (18") bar
Husqvarna41 with 30cm (12") bar
Husqvarna41 with 35cm (14") bar
Husqvarna41 with 40cm (16") bar
Husqvarna41 with 45cm (18") bar
McCullochCS42S (SASA242MC) with 35cm (14") bar
McCullochCS42S (SASA242MC) with 40cm (16") bar
McCullochCS50S (LDAV50MC) with 40cm (16") bar
McCullochCS50S (LDAV50MC) with 45cm (18") bar
QUALCASTPCS 46Z with 46cm (18") bar
QUALCASTPCS46Z-S with 46cm (18") bar
SovereignPCS38Z with 40cm (16") bar
Spear & JacksonSBC33N1
Stihl017 with 30cm (12") bar
Stihl017 with 35cm (14") bar
Stihl017 with 40cm (16") bar
Stihl018 with 30cm (12") bar
Stihl018 with 35cm (14") bar
Stihl018 with 40cm (16") bar
Stihl021 with 30cm (12") bar
Stihl021 with 35cm (14") bar
Stihl021 with 40cm (16") bar
Stihl023 with 30cm (12") bar
Stihl023 with 35cm (14") bar
Stihl023 with 40cm (16") bar
Stihl023L with 30cm (12") bar
Stihl023L with 35cm (14") bar
Stihl025 with 30cm (12") bar
Stihl025 with 35cm (14") bar
Stihl025 with 40cm (16") bar
Stihl17 with 30cm (12") bar
Stihl18 with 30cm (12") bar
StihlMS170 with 35cm (14") bar
StihlMS180 with 30cm (12") bar
StihlMS180 with 35cm (14") bar
StihlMS180 with 40cm (16") bar
StihlMS210 with 30cm (12") bar
StihlMS210 with 35cm (14") bar
StihlMS210 with 40cm (16") bar
StihlMS230 with 30cm (12") bar
StihlMS230 with 35cm (14") bar
StihlMS230 with 40cm (16") bar
StihlMS250 with 30cm (12") bar
StihlMS250 with 35cm (14") bar
StihlMS250 with 40cm (16") bar

The list contains the brand / distributor and models of the machines (in alphabetical order) that we know this product is likely to be suitable for. If your machine is not in the list, it may be that this part is suitable, but we have no information about its suitability. View our other products to see if we have a suitable part in stock, or let us know that you think this is suitable.


This can be compared to parts with the following references:
Autolite: 2974, 2984, XST2974
Bosch: WSR6F
Brisk: PR15Y
Carlton: SPCA6 SPCAR7Y
Champion: RCJ6Y, RCJ7Y, stk 852
Dolmar: 965 603 021
Denso: stk 6023, W20MP-U, W22MPR-U
Echo: 15901002830 15901010630 15901713930 15901716431
General Motors: 5613726
Husqvarna: 503 23 51-11
Ics: 503 23 51-11
Iskra: FSC75CPR
John Deere: TY6062
Kawasaki: 92070-2107 92070-2113
Makita: 965 603 021
Motorcraft: A22NX, stk 107
NGK: BPMR6A, BPMR7A, stk 107 4626
Partner Comp: 503 23 51-11
Stihl: 0000 400 7000, 1110 400 7005
Wacker: 0033768 0108117 0213755
Reference: RCJ7Y


The names and numbers of manufacturers and distributors are used for reference only.
    Alternative manufacturer. Equivalent quality as original.

Spark plug - RCJ7Y (L7T)

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