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Spoel en Lijn voor Ikra Grass Trimmers

 € 7,26 (21% VAT excl.)
€ 8,79
(21% VAT incl.) 

ALM Trimmer spool & line

Supplied with:
1.5mm thick trimmer line
2 x 5m lengths

Manufactured in the UK

Product code: 21285IKR

This trimmer spool & line is suitable for use in the following machines.

Find your machine in the list below to ensure that this is a suitable part for your machine.

Model Machine Products
RT1530DV Twin Cut Our items for the Ikra - RT1530DV Twin Cut Trimmer
RT2008DV Our items for the Ikra - RT2008DV Trimmer
RT4003DV Our items for the Ikra - RT4003DV Trimmer
RT4003DV-Swingline Our items for the Ikra - RT4003DV-Swingline Trimmer
RT4005DV Our items for the Ikra - RT4005DV Trimmer
RT4006DV Twin Cut Our items for the Ikra - RT4006DV Twin Cut Trimmer
RT4803DV Our items for the Ikra - RT4803DV Trimmer
RT4804DV Our items for the Ikra - RT4804DV Trimmer
RT4908DV Our items for the Ikra - RT4908DV Trimmer
RT500 Our items for the Ikra - RT500 Trimmer
RT7508DV Our items for the Ikra - RT7508DV Trimmer
RT8503DV Our items for the Ikra - RT8503DV Trimmer
RT9008DV Our items for the Ikra - RT9008DV Trimmer
RT9108DV Our items for the Ikra - RT9108DV Trimmer

The list contains the brand / distributor and models of the machines, (in alphabetical order) that we are aware of, that this product is likely to be suitable for. If your machine is not in the list, it could be that this part is suitable, but that we have no records of suitability. Please search our other products to see if we stock a suitable part, or let us know that you think this is suitable.

This compares to parts with the following references:

Ikra: 12105492, 13006001, 13006012
Reference: FL229

Manufacturers & distributors names and numbers are used for reference purposes only.
This product is not associated with the initial manufacturers parts.

Spoel en Lijn voor Ikra Grass Trimmers Spoel en Lijn voor Ikra Grass Trimmers
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