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Gras maaier bladen enzo supply a range of parts suitable for most Wizard strimmers.

Please check your Wizard strimmer model number to make sure you identify the correct part for your Wizard strimmer. An easy way to search for the right part for your Wizard strimmer is to enter the model number of your strimmer, or the part number of the part you wish to replace, into our search box (to the left of this message) or try our advanced search facility.

If you do not find the part you are looking for, for your strimmer, please contact us.

The spare parts Gras maaier bladen enzo supply are manufactured in the United Kingdom, from high quality materials, and distributed from our UK depots.

Choose the model of the Wizard strimmer you are looking for parts for, from the list below. If your particular model is no listed, please let us know, and use the Advanced Search.

"Great service , very clear website while ordering very simple , thank you await product in the mail"
Keith Rutter

"Ottima organizzazione, massima disponibilità e competenza, tempestività nelle risposte e nella spedizione del prodotto, tutto molto bene!"

"We received the delivery today by mail. Many thanks."