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"Great service , very clear website while ordering very simple , thank you await product in the mail"
Keith Rutter

"We received the delivery today by mail. Many thanks."

"Ottima organizzazione, massima disponibilità e competenza, tempestività nelle risposte e nella spedizione del prodotto, tutto molto bene!"

"Your tracking and shipping information is useless. Why does it take a couple of weeks for item sent to arrive in ireland. A donkey and cart would be quicker
You've orderd a (not in stock) product with an order lead time of 7-14 days on a saturday (18-03-2023) after 18:00.
It was shipped after only 4 business days (24-03-2023).
And within 3 days (27-03-2023) you expect it to be delivered?
How's that "a couple of weeks"?
And my guess is, that the donkey would have drowned in the channel."
Denis Daly